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Two doctoral students in the international multidisciplinary research programme Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems - focusing on new technologies to support informal care


The Department of Health and Caring Sciences (HV) at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University is looking for suitably qualified people who are highly interested and motivated to carry out their research education leading to a PhD in Health Sciences.

This position offers the two prospective doctoral students a unique opportunity to be part of a major international, multidisciplinary research programme led by Professor Sue Yeandle at the University of Sheffield in the UK. The research programme focuses on advancing understanding of the sources of economic and social sustainability in care, especially how wellbeing outcomes can be achieved for care users, their families / carers and paid care workers. It will fill knowledge gaps, contribute to new theoretical ideas and data analyses and provide useful, accurate evidence to inform care planning, provision and experience. The prospective doctoral students will be part of an international early career scholar network on sustainable care with 17 doctoral students around the globe, supported by the senior researchers.

The programme consists of a UK team of seven universities and an international network including Linnaeus University, Sweden and universities in 14 other countries. It comprises integrative activities, in which the whole team works together to develop a new conceptual framework on sustainable care and wellbeing, and two Work Strands, each with four linked projects, on 'Care Systems' & 'Care Work & Relationships'. The UK research work is funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. The two doctoral studentships at Linnaeus University are funded by Linnaeus University and the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre (SFCCC).

The role of new technologies within informal care and caring and how they may best help carers, care users and paid care workers is a recognized area of interest for the informal care research group at HV, headed up by Professor Elizabeth Hanson together with Associate Professor Lennart Magnusson. They have both worked in the field and secured significant grant capture, most notably with work relating to the ACTION service. The informal care research group at Linnaeus University acts as the research arm of the Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, a national centre of excellence in the field of informal carers, care and caring led by Magnusson and Hanson.

The SFCCC works with available information and communication technologies to help ensure that available evidenced based knowledge is widely disseminated and taken up and used by its key stakeholder groups, namely practitioners and decision makers working with informal carers, civil society organisations and researchers. The doctoral positions are offered in collaboration with the SFCCC. ( The SFCCC will contribute to the impact strategy led by Carers UK together with other leading UK and international policy partners. The team will co-produce analyses and guidance, enhance data quality, promote good practice and engage decision-makers, policymakers, practitioners in the public, private and voluntary sectors, carers, people with care needs, and the media.

Deadline for application: 15 October 2017.

Further information on job description, requirements and application procedure are available here


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