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The ENhANCE Project aims to target a specific existing mismatch between the skills currently offered by nurses working in Primary Health Care (PHC) and those actually demanded by both public health care institutions and private service providers when applying innovative healthcare models centred on PHC. The ENhANCE Alliance brings together 12 partners (+1 Affiliated), from 6 different EU countries representing VET providers in the field of Nursing, Regulatory Bodies for FCN training, Professional Associations and Public and Private Employers, Universities and Research Centres.

The ENhANCE Alliance is coordinated by the National Research Council - Institute for Educational Technology (CNR-ITD). Eurocarers is responsible for the coordination of the project results’ dissemination, exploitation and sustainability (WP7 leader) and plays an active role in the research aiming to develop a definition of and Family and Community Nurse professional profile (WP2).

Since the project kick-off meeting (Genoa, 17thto 19th January), the Alliance has been working towards the project first Milestone - the definition of a Professional Profile for the Family and Community Nurse (FCN) based on WHO and EU recommendations.  This specific activity, led by the University of Genoa (UNIGE) and with the contribution of many partners, including Eurocarers, will be the baseline of all the following results and specifically of the design of the FCN European Curriculum.

ENhANCE kick-off Meeting – Genoa,  17th to 19th  January 2018

For more information about the project, please visit the ENhANCE website or contact Mariana Vicente (Senior Project Officer).

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