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On the 4th December 2017, Eurocarers took part in the Expert Conference organised by the European Institute of Women’s Health in celebration of the Institute's 21st anniversary and sixty-years of sex and gender equality in EU policy since the Treaty of Rome (1957). The event brought together decision-makers and thought leaders to review progress that has been achieved in women’s health, wellbeing and prevention. Participants explored existing gaps by employing a cross-sectoral approach and devise steps for moving forward together. The conference examined both the biological and social factors relevant to sex and gender equity and wellbeing across the lifespan through expert discussions.

Eurocarers contributed to the session on active and healthy ageing by presenting on the impact of informal care on carers' access to employment and education and by highlighting the negative impact of unsupported care on the mental and physical health of carers.

You will find more information about this event here