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The European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing will take place from the 5th to the 8th December 2016, in Brussels. The event will look at how digital technology will transform the way we think about delivering health and care in Europe. Areas covered will range from health (medical treatment) to prevention and healthy lifestyles and other areas of the Silver Economy (Silver Tourism, Age Friendly Homes and Living Environments etc.). Participants will help to define a shared vision on how innovation can transform demographic change into an opportunity for Europe's ageing society and the Silver Economy.

The event, entitled "Transforming the future of health and care in Europe", is not reserved to European organisations, and specific sessions will be dedicated to the global dimension (with guests from Japan, Canada, China and the USA) - and as a follow-up to the G7 declaration on how digital innovation can support the needs of an ageing population.

The expected participation is 1500 – 2000 participants. It will be both a Conference (with a series of workshops) and also an exhibition (where EC-funded technology solutions developed for digital health and connected care will be showcased).

Expected Outcomes of the Summit:

  • Mobilised stakeholders and policymakers to support delivery of actions agreed as part of the shared-vision (Blueprint on Digital Transformation of health and care)
  • Clearly identified growth areas enabled by cross-portfolio policy actions and leading to scaling up of digital innovation for active and healthy ageing in Europe
  • Further impetus to G7/Global cooperation in the field of digital innovation for active and healthy ageing and the Silver Economy

The registrations should start in September.

On the website of the European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing you can find further information, including a detailed programme of the event. 

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