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This discussion paper builds on a significant survey of Family Carers undertook by Care Alliance Ireland in 2015. The survey was designed to capture a “snapshot” of caring in Ireland, with questions on topics such as what current Family Carers view as the best and worst things about being a Family Carer; where Family Carers turn to for support; and what “advice” experienced Family Carers would seek to pass on to others in the same situation. With over 800 responses, a wealth of information is available to help us understand the lived experience of being a Family Carer in Ireland in the 21st century. As part of the survey, Care Alliance Ireland posed the question “What advice would you give to others in a similar role as yourself?” This discussion paper focusses on the responses to this question. It is clear that the Family Carers of Ireland have a wealth of knowledge that should be shared, not only with other Family Carers, but also with support organisations that can use the information to tailor their services appropriately.

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